PNEUMOPHAGE, the concept “bacteriophages against lung infections”, is in progress

The project is grant since 2015 by RAPID system, the DGA financial support (French Army) for industrial innovation.

The project PNEUMOPHAGE has received in 2015 a RAPID financial support.

PNEUMOPHAGE developes an innovating concept of aerosoltherapy with bacteriophages.
The objective of PNEUMOPHAGE is to demonstrate the benefits of inhaled phage therapy to treat acute respiratory infections induced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in particular in mechanically ventilated patients.
RAPID is a financial support granted by DGA (French Army) for industrial innovation.

Partners :
- DTF medical (Région Rhone-Alpes) ;
- The research Center of Respiratory Diseases (CEPR- UMR INSERM 1100)
- Pherecydes
Aerodrug, Faculté de Médecine, Bâtiment M, 10 ter boulevard Tonnellé, 37032 TOURS France.