NOV. 2013. The AERORIMAC Project: Scientific Communications & Press Releases

2012 - 2013: Congratulations for the AERORIMAC Project from the French Army (DGA), the press & the scientific community.

- The AERORIMAC project is a "Dual" project PUBLIC-French ARMY (RAPID financial support).
- The project groups Industry, Academic & French Army partners to develop a nebulized treatment for lung & alveoli tract against ricine a severe biological agent bioterrorist attack. The nebulization system will be also available for public health.

- The presentation of the AERORIMAC project has been congratulated at the first Forum dedicated to innovation organized by the DGA (French Army).
The French Army DGA Forum was held last year on November 2012, in Paris-La Defense (France). Research projects on Biology, Health & NRBC (Nuclear, Radiologic, biological & Chemical) defense were exhibited on stand n°1.

Scientifics Communications & Press Publications about the AERORIMAC project

  • Press publications (Fr)

- "French Army is looking forward this nebulizer’s development…"
Extracted from the journal La Nouvelle République: "Son prototype d’aérosol intéresse l’armée", 18 Janvier 2013.

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- Press release "Voici les armes de demain"
Journal LeParisien, 2012 november the 27th
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- Press Pack "Forum Innovation DGA, Pacte de défense" (p.17 & 18), published & available on DGA website
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  • Scientific communications

- Use of surfactants to avoid aggregation of monoclonal antibodies during the aerosolization process. Marchand D., Respaud R., Parent C., Vecellio L., Heuzé-Vourc’h N. ISAM 2013. Poster pdf file.

- Antibody delivery to the lungs against Ricine intoxication by inhalation: Drug and device development. Marchand D., Parent C., Respaud R., Guillemain J., Pelate T., Thuiller P., Vecellio L., Heuze-vourc’h N. Poster pdf file
Aerodrug, Faculté de Médecine, Bâtiment M, 10 ter boulevard Tonnellé, 37032 TOURS France.