NASALCINE is selected for an oral communication at ERS-ISIAN 2016

Aerodrug will be present at the next European Rhinology Society and ISIAN congress 2016 in Stockholm in July (3-7th).

NASALCINE is the clinical study of a nasal aerosoltherapy, in polyposis, achieved with success after four preclinical development steps. The history of a drug & device development which associates tobramycine and easynose® in an innovating aerosoltherapy.

Presentation title (in short communication session) :
Nasal nebulisation of tobramycin: Preclinical and clinical study on post-operative suppurations in nasal polyposis patient. V Prulière-Escabasse, L Vecellio, S Le Guellec, P Bonfils.

- Intercommunal hospital center of Créteil & the institute Mondor of of biomedical research (INSERM UMR 955, University of Paris-Est Créteil, CRETEIL, FR)
- The European Hospital of Georges Pompidou (PARIS, FR)
- DTF medical (Saint Etienne, FR)
- The research Center of Respiratory Diseases (CEPR- UMR INSERM 1100, Tours, FR)


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