The mesh technology of DTF

Color gradient of the deformation of the material

Two available devices

  • The idehaler mesh nebulizer: it could be used as an aerosol generator:
    - to reduce treatment times and
    - achieve high lung deposition for new drugs, making it suitable for biodrugs in development (based on in vitro and ex vivo studies).

  • The idehaler pocket nebulizer: the mesh nebulizer with a virtual valve holding chamber offers the advantage to be:
    - very small, portable,
    - easy to use.


We can adapt the device to your drug.
Antibiotic Cystic Firosis -------------------- ------ ----->     Erempharma
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Asthma (Peadiatric) -------------------- ----->       University of Toronto
ALX-009 Cystic Fibrosis ------------------->         Alaxia and Stragen

Ac anti-ricine Military medicine ------------------->         French army(DGA)
Phage Ventilator-associated pneumonia ------------------->         Pherecides pharma
Cyp0150 Influenza ------------------->         Cytune pharma


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